On September 5th, Mnet revealed a teaser video for its upcoming survival program, 'Artistock Game'. The program will be featuring 48 artists and only those with the highest value will be able to perform on stage. Viewers will be choosing to invest in their favorite artists as if they were trading stocks.

Artistock Game' will premiere sometime this October.

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1. Isn't this the plot of Debut or Die? (T/n: Korean web novel. Plot: A diary about the transformation of the main character, who was suddenly challenged to be an idol even though he has never been in the industry before due to sudden threat of death.)

2. Are they insane? Ew

3. They've been hinting this type of content ever since SMTM 

4. Where are our human rights heading towards...

5. Do they have a survival fetish?

6. Even during Produce, they called us "National Producer" bullsh*t, and got caught rigging but is still pushing this kind of content claiming the 'general public' are the ones making them 

7. Who's the MC? Seeing the silhouette, don't tell me they're using Lee Dongwook again?

8. I can't believe I lived to see a web novel's plot come to life

9. Even on SMTM, the people who performed well received money on stage
They're calling them stocks, but in the end, it'll still just be voting 

10. If this is airing in October, they've already started shooting?

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