[theqoo] NMIXX 'DICE' M/V TEASER 2

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1. Oh looking forward to it

2. Wow the dance seems f*cking intense

3. Wow what's up with Kyujin's looks? She lost her baby fat...

4. Kyujin god-baby is too goodㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ she's flying around

5. Kyujin is seriously so good at dancing. I can only see her when I watch their fancams

6. Their dance is so intense.. what are they gonna do about the live?

7. As expected, even though NMIXX doesn't have official positions, the dance line is focused on Kyujin, Jiwoo and Jinni so it looks safe. They suit this concept and it looks good

8. Wow crazy.... are they gonna be able to do this live??? Seriously, even lipsyncing to this must be so tiring...!

9. Wow what's up with the performance

10. Seeing their debut song and now this, it doesn't seem like they are a group made for the general public

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