"[Exclusive] 'School violence controversy' Soojin's side "In conclusion, the first exposer is innocent...But there was never school violence"

On September 8, Soojin’s legal representative at Barun Law Firm stated that Soojin decided not to proceed with legal action going forward, judging by the circumstances that there is a limit to finding the truth through legal procedures as there is no other evidence to confirm the substantive facts other than the statements of the opposing parties.

The representative emphasized the fact that Soojin was acquitted by the School Violence Committee that was investigating the case at the time. He continued, “Ms. Seo strongly understands how emotionally hurt the former classmate must be, regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, and she sincerely apologizes to everyone who has been hurt from the brash words she used back in middle school, [including] her supportive fans as well as all others who have been disappointed.”
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It's because both sides don't have all the proofs that you can't resolve this by law that easily 

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The exposer also never had any solid proofs and Soojin never had proofs that she didn't do it either, that's why the conclusion is that the exposer is innocent. Soojin isn't the assailant and the exposer's content (school ciolence, assault, excorting money) were all lies

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If I may summarize this, the exposer is innocent but both sides don't have enough proofs of each other, so you cannot say that one is the assailant and the other is the victim. One thing for sure, the exposer said that Seo Soojin opened a file for school violence, but she was actually the victim 

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People are always mentioning Seo Shin Ae here. Seo Shin Ae was the one who released 3 stories without any subjet in a row first and framing Soojin as the assailant, but these were all made up facts. She ignored all of Cube's calls and she's been quiet ever since. She needs to release a statement. And she's the one who hates to be entertwined with Soojin's stuff now but what she's left is important.
A: IG exposer
B: Soojin's friend
C: Seo Shin Ae
- A: claims that she's been bullied by Soojin's group during her school days sine 1st year and ever since 2nd year, she suddenly had to manage her image and she became quiet
B: She didn't know Soojin well in 1st year, and in 2nd year, Soojin distanced herself from her group so they started hanging out together. After that, they've never been apart. She never was in contact with Seo Shin Ae. This person is also friends with the exposer's dongsaeng
C: She was attending Waw middle school and was transferred in 2nd year, she claims to be bullied by Soojin's group. This person was in the same class as the exposer's daughter in 3rd year
Soojin refutes A and C's claims
Judgment of truth: 
A: truth: B, lie: C, Soojin 
B: truth: Soojin (only truth), lie: C, can't judge: A
C: truth: N/A, lie: A, B, Soojin
Soojin: truth: B, lie: A, C

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I'm not defending Seo Soojin but it's true that there were never proofs of her bullying, and there was nothing to refute her claims either. There's no ways to collect evidences for this after so many years so it's meaningless to settle it with the court... However, Although we don't have any ways to know the truth, the public who forced Soojin and her friends into reflecting are the ones who are assailants no? If Soojin was really innocent, who will resolve Soojin's injustice..? If she's really innocent, she got kicked out of her team and she's been disciplining herself now... I'd go crazy over the injustice. Of course, she's still a public figure, and it's not like she's never done anything careless in her school days either. But this has definitely gone too far... One thing for sure is that there will not be any more proofs so the public are the ones who are assaulting her into forcing her to reflect now. The price she had to pay for being careless with words during her school days was too harsh . 

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