This is legendary
"#Wake up #BLANK2Y 
The moment BLANK2Y cancelled their international tour, Siwoo went to the club right away ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Siwoo-yah you want to keep being an idol? A leader who hangs out with girls and grab them by their waist"

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1. [+120, -0]
But he's really unlucky. I bet he thought that nobody would recognize him on the streets, but of all places, a fan had to recognize him in the club.. 

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Wow it's my first time hearing the group's name too...

3. [+82, -0]
The difference between an idol who hits big and one that doesn't will be found in the way they act during their rookie years

4. [+60, -0]
Anyone would believe that BLANK2Y is a bootleg BlackPink?

5. [+57, -0]
Why is a rookie acting like that;;;;; They don't even have the basics so of course they won't hit big... Who's the man who's grabbing the waist next to him?

6. [+20, -0]
Wow I'm more impressed that there are actually people who recognized them 

7. [+16, -0]
They's such nobodies that I don't even know who they are

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