In the beginning sequence, they're all liking IG and Tik Tok

The most dumbfounding part 
Anyone can tell that the chorus part was taken from the Cookie choreography
They don't just do it a couple of times but repeats it in the chorus so many times
Without sound and just looking at the gifs, you'd think they're doing a cover of Cookieㅋㅋ F*ck 

Even the MV vibe is similar

Meanwhile, they repeated LOONA's yyxy cocept
You'd think it's a new LOONA unit

Seriously I'm writing this post because I'm so dumbfounded

Some people are saying that NewJeans debuted not long ago so it's impossible for them to copy
Attention dropped on July 22nd and Cookie August 1st, they had more than enough time to copy. This team was only finalized on September 25th, so they shot the MV only a month later

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1. [+143, -4]
People calling this plagiarism, that move they're doing in the chorus is one of the most popular moves on Tik Tok's challenges right now, aren't you guys pushing it too much?

2. [+126, -2]
This song was already written by Jung Byunggi back in 2019 and it's the same producer as LOONA, of course the concept may be similar 

3. [+96, -3]
But NewJeans only debuted not long ago, is it possible to plagiarize them...?

4. [+88, -1]
The person who made the group also produced LOONA during their debut. And this group was already under preparation back in 209... I've seen that move on Tik Tok too so I don't know

5. [+64, -1]
Ah so is there a patent on that move because a big agency did it?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The handphone scenes were already popular even during Twice and Fromis_9 days, smart phones generation has already arrived, you guys are just taking anything and bullsh*tting at this point 

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