Even if we don't know if they are using the same item or a couple item, it is indeed to same Chanel scarf
This super star couple matches well! V-Jennie, last long!ㅎㅎ

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1. [+110, -9]
They really have a lot of couple items... their necklace, bracelet, Chanel scarf, Chanel earcuff, teddy bear T-shirt...

2. [+107, -58]
I'll send this post making up false rumors using illegal pictures and will take PDFs of the comments to YG. Please click on the 3 dots next to this post and report it please

3. [+102, -51]
Jennie really has a weak mentality but she's really doing eveything she wants

4. [+98, -24]
I'll report this since she got hacked. They've been wearing so many couple items on the same day so why all the uproar for a thing they didn't even wear on the same time nor at the same place?ㅋ Just get sued, I'll PDF this

5. [+97, -10]
Let's take a PDF of this post. Don't leave a comment and just leave~ Please downvote this post

6. [+37, -6]
Taehyung-ah, just withdraw and do all the things you want

7. [+30, -9]
Jennie-yah, just withdraw and do all the things you want

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