"100 Lovecalls from companies... NewJeans, the prized blue chip on teh advertisement industry"

"Starting with the iPhone14 advertisement of SK Telecom's 'O' brand, which was aired on the 30th of last month as a TV advertisement, the ad featuring NewJeans is receiving a hot response as soon as it is released. NewJeans stood tall as a new trend icon, making buzz not only through music and performance, but also through appearances in advertisements.

New Jeans received 'love calls' from more than 100 companies, and is discussing collaboration with companies in various fields including global brands, and their activity in the advertising market is expected to be even higher."

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1. [+66, -1]
ShinHan Bank, SK Telecom, Musinsa, Oioi, Megastudy.. They're really aiming for the biggest

2. [+58, -3]
It's actually realistic to receive over 100 love calls, even BlackPink during their debut, they received over 100 ad offers, they shot f*cking lots of ads

3. [+54, -6]
But if I were them, even I'd use NewJeans... They all have a strong aura and they look luxurious too, they will raise the brand's image

4. [+49, -2]
NewJeans are god babies, let's hit bigger

5. [+44, -0]
They're only shooting with famous brands

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