They said that the director invited her?

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1. [+27, -9]
She's tall so she looks good in suits. But I feel like if Rose went into acting, she'd be a good actress. She acts well in her MVs and she seems to be born with good diction and vocalization so she has good basics and I do want to see her at. But I like Rose as a musician who releases a lot of solo albums more. She can act later. Chaeng-squirrel, please sing a lot

2. [+23, -11]
I don't think that her actress debut is far away

3. [+22, -10]
I do want to see Rose act

4. [+21, -10]
I do feel like Rose will go into acting, even in some foreign movie...

5. [+18, -3]
She f*cking suits black suits.You're cool Park Chaengㅜㅜㅜ

6. [+15, -2]
It's hard to look food in this kind of styling, I'm jealous..

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