[enter-talk] WHAT'S UP WITH SMF'S CONCERT...

This is in a gymnasium arena + domestic tour..What's happening..

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1. [+194, -1]
Did the producers think that this would reach the heights of Produce... Even for idols, they need to be popular male idols or super super super super top female idols to fill those seats. With what confidence did they grab those seats?

2. [+193, -2]
If you're going to use the Gymnasium arena like that, might as well give it to our oppas instead

3. [+147, -1]
I'm not even being a pushover, but I wouldn't go for 120,000won either

4. [+129, -0]
The producers know that the audience's feedback were sh*t but they're still going through with whatever they want

5. [+93, -1]
What a waste of renting fees..

6. [+63, -2]
They saw how well SWF did and they probably got deluded thinking that SMF would do well.. No matter how you think of it, they could've just rented a small venue and do an encore stage after selling out 

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