T/N: the person mentioned in this post is called "BJ Kei" who's a streamer on Afreeca TV who's known for being trash. He was previously involved in a cheating affair with another BJ (read more here), he also got into a controversy for promoting a crypto/bitcoin which ended up being a fraud (his biggest controversy), he also has accusations of s*xually harrassing other femlae BJs and assaulting the police, he made s*xual remarks about Sulli for her appearance in the movie 'Real', he also had rumors about being linked to the Burning Sun and for taking drugs which he denied, etc. 

"You can hear Sehun's voice and even see his face ><"

"BJ Kei: You're saying that you're f*cking over someone's fans, ah you're saying this because of Sehun?

Jaeman-ah (guy on live) thank you for letting us know about Sehun and Kei's friendship <3 Jaeman-ie did it again~"

(Sehun with other AfreecaTV BJs (including Lee Jaeman - he's not BJ Kei))

This is so frustrating

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1. [+868, -9]
Why is it always Sehun who's involved in this kind of talk? Just think about it. It's because Sehun is the same kind of person as them

2. [+751, -2]
There's no way you can find a gem among trash

3. [+653, -7]
Sigh, ever since we learned that he was friends with Seungri, this was expected. Why are we acting like this is something new?

4. [+572, -15]
Seems like they are room-salon-friends

5. [+248, -1]
He's a case of someone not getting hate because he's being overshadowed by Chanyeol's disgrace. Seriously, Sehun-ah, be tahnkful for Chanyeol

6. [+214, -4]
Coin fraud, women issues, s*x scandal, room salons, I have a lot to say but won't

7. [+199, 0]
Even if you don't know anything, the fact that he's hanging out with them is a f*cking turn off

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