Zico who never performed on music shows started appearing in music shows
And Crush started capitalizing on Tiktok challenges and releases dance music now 
The music scene definitely changed
Zico also mentioned himself that the reason why he started coming out on music shows was because the music market has changed

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1. I never pictured Crush to start making music for Tiktok challenges, he definitely deviated from his original music style 

2. I feel like they're all doing 'music for challenges'...Hmm...
> For real... The songs are still good, but it's definitely music for challenges..

3. I agree, music shows and challenges are freaking important now 

4. Crush mentioned that on Youngji's show.. That he's different from the way he used to be. Nowadays, when you release music, you have to be like "Please listen to me!!!!!!!". Personally, I feel like music shows' influence have become weaker, but I'm not sure anymore. I just feel like Tik Tok challenges and those short clips are way too important now 

5. I can't agree that Crush releases music for challenges but I do agree that he's really working hard promoting his sons on variety shows now 

6. I don't think that they do music for challenges, but it's true that like he says, once they release songs, they need to act "Please listen to me!!!" like that. Even for Zico, rather than his title track, you hear way more about Ssaebbing 

7. Challenges really promotes your songs tremendously 

8. But I hate the expression music for challenges..

9. I can agree

10. Oh but really, I feel like they market songs nowadays in a way that you can use it for challenges, and they make songs explicitly like that.. Even Olivia Rodrigo said that when she's making a song, she's planning it so that Tik Tok can pick it up. You need to make a song that appeals to this 

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