YG Entertainment has announced they will be taking legal action against the original distributor of Jennie‘s personal photos.

In a statement shared with various media outlets including Xportnews, YG Entertainment has shared that they will be taking legal action against the individual who originally spread Jennie’s personal photographs.

"This is YG Entertainment.

We have officially requested the police to investigate the original distributor of BLACKPINK Jennie’s personal photographs. We have been monitoring the situation and submitted our complaint in September after gathering information.

YG has refrained from commenting and expressing our position in the past to minimize the damage. However, we felt a sense of responsibility that it was no longer possible to condone the mass spread of rumors, criticism, personal attacks, sexual harrassment, and privacy violations that were coming with the personal photographs. Therefore, we would like to clarify that we are taking legal action to rectify the situation.

YG is taking strong legal action against the posts that damage the reputation of our artists. We would like to inform you that this case is being filed for violations of the Information and Communication Network Act, violation of illegal information and distribution, and obscene use of communication media.

We will take all possible legal action without any leniency to prevent further damage in the future. Photos that were circulated online were illegally released, regardless of the intentions behind them. The act of sharing these photos can be considered a secondary offense and subject to legal punishment. We sincerely ask you to avoid recklessly sharing them.

YG Entertainment will continue to work hard to protect the rights and interests of our artists."
CR: Koreaboo

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1. Wow what the?

2. Ah what a relief ㅠㅠ

3. Wow there will be so many kids who will get sued. I hope they all get punished

4. Good, please catch them all

5. Oh I'm glad that they'll catch all the kids spreading the pictures too

6. I hope that the kids who shared their pictures here get sued too ^^

7. Please, take responsibility until the end. I hope that they take strong legal actions ㅠㅠ

8. Finally... let's go to work YG

9. For real, because people might get sued, I told them not to share the pictures... I hope that the kids who were laughing and still continuing to spread their pictures here all get sued

10. YG are bad at doing their work but honestly, I felt like they already started the work in the back... I don't know why the kids who are not fans say that YG wouldn't catch anyone

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