Because she cut down her jaw too much and her cheeks dropped because of age, she started to work out intensely and her legendary days are all gone....
Kids, don't do surgery involving your bones..

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1. [+104, -1]
But thanks to her surgery, she spent her legendary days fancily no?ㅋㅋㅋ There's a high possibility that if she didn't do her surgery, she wouldn't have had her legendary days and would've just spent her life normally

2. [+83, 0]
This is the side-effect of laser lifting.. It turns your face shape into a peanut shape... Don't do lasers like Ulthera or Shrink thoughtlessly..

3. [+55, -3]
But even with this face, she looks 200 better than her pre-surgery face. So going under the knife was vetter

4. [+48, 0]
Because her fat dropped, she's been consistently doing laser lifting and in the end, she added more fat in her face. No matter how much you manage yourself, as you age, your face will become bumpy and uneven. If you looked at her up-close, it looks gross

5. [+40, 0]
Her lower face is seriously short. I didn't know.. so she shaved her jaw..

6. [+27, 0]
She's pretty. I rather find that when she has her hair tied up, her hairline is too unnatural when I watch her in dramasㅠ That's the only regrettable thing.

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