[marriage & in-laws] WILL I REGRET MARRYING A SHORT GUY?

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Hello, I'm a woman in my early 30's
Recently, I've been considering marrying my boyfriend of 2 years. My oppa is strongly opposing our marriage (T/N: when OP talks about her "oppa", she's referring to her actual brother, not her boyfriend).

My boyfriend and I have similar specs but it's just that he's a bit on the shorter end. I'm 163 and my boyfriend is 168. 
My oppa is in the early 170's cm and he's a celibate. Ever since he was young, he was made fun of a lot and had a lot of stress because of his small frame and for being shorter than the other guys at his all-male middle and high school.

So I think that's why he said that he doesn't want to get married and give birth to a kid that's shorter than others. I can understand my oppa's choice but he told me that marrying a man smaller than him and giving birth to a child is abuse, and he even gets angry with my parents who don't even oppose our marriage.

I don't really look at a man's height and after dating my boyfriend, I still don't really experience any discomfort because of his height. But because of my brother's reaction, I wonder if height is really that much of an issue or a stress factor so I'm posting this on Pann.

We can live just fine without a kid but I've always wanted at least 2 kids.. If I ever give birth to kids, will they get a lot of stress because of their height? What do you guys think about marrying a short guy?

I'm adding this after reading your comments. It's not like my love for my boyfriend will change but if I give birth to kids, they will be the most important people to me so I'm asking for advice because I don't want to inflict stress on my kids. So seeing people calling me selfish and saying that my love for my boyfriend is lacking is just dumbfounding.

In that case, I think that women who don't have these kind of thought are even weirder since they've never experienced living as men. Shouldn't one consider a family's medical past and their elderly's personality when considering marraige? What's more is that I've never thought of breaking up with him because of height. I'm asking for advice because I don't know how much of an issue it will be for my kid.

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There are a lot of short incels here so a lot of people are shielding short men. But please think realistically... I've seen a lot of mothers who although are accepting of their husband's short height, won't be as accepting of their kid's short height

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Seems like all the comments here were written by short men... You guys are saying things like "I'm short but my kid is tall!" but in that case, there needs to be a tall gene in your ancestry and luck for this to actually happen. In most cases, when the parents are short, the kid is also short. Nowadays, even short women are getting looked down upon in society, but much less than short men? They already start behind others. No matter how much money you have, if you're short, your dating life will fall behind others'... If I were you, I wouldn't get married... Do you know that a man who's 168 is really short...? But it's not like he was my husband nor my family, so I'm not saying this to break everything apart!

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(Male commentor) If a man has good specs and character, he'll be fine. Even if people look down on their height, as long as they don't get discouraged, they'll be fine

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Why do I think that your oppa is jealous of your boyfriend? He's having it hard and has given up of marriage but a fellow short guy is still dreaming of marriage and is roaming around his little sister? That's the feeling I get.

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How dare your oppa oppose to your marriage? Do you think that it's normal that he's forcing his beliefs unto others? Your oppa aside, you're also a woman who's back and forth with your own feelings so please just break up with your boyfriend. Your boyfriend is f*cking pitiful. I hate people like you guys..

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My husband is 168 and I'm 159.. There's no hardship when it comes to our love but our kid is having such a hard time. Our kid is shorter than all his peers and I feel so sorry. If I knew that other kids would make him feel like this, I wouldn't have given birth to him

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