YG is already notorious for not knowing how to handle rollout cycles, and they've faced critique from the fandoms of damn near the entire roster of artists signed to them, but didn't she really get the worst of it?

To give you a flashback: Rosé released a teaser for her solo debut. The hype? Exploding. The teaser trended and the views on that thing were through the roof. Gone leaked, and it managed to get over three million views in the couple hours it was up as a lyric video on someone's channel. And then.... radio silence.

With the hype they built up for her debut, they did nothing. Time passed, and there was no song in sight. But then, to capitalize on the noise it made, they announced... Blackpink is fighting against climate change. Only a couple of weeks after that did they start promoting Rosé again, about a month and a half after the first teaser was released, and the promotions weren't even for the song that blew up on the internet!

By then, the hype for Gone obviously died down, she released OTG to decent first week results and little longevity and it did not leave the impact it could have if Why Gee did their damn job and promoted their artists properly.

I mean, they screwed something up with three of the four Blackpink girls and we expected them to screw something up; they gave Jisoo a controversial drama to debut in, for Lisa they just literally did nothing and still refuse to do anything about her solo (i.e. did not ship out albums, did not restock albums, did not promote any of her songs until they fell out of charts and her sales haven't been updated in like 10 months) but damn, they mangled Rosé's rollout so bad they singlehandedly shot down her best chance at an international breakthrough.

She could've had her own Money moment, and it's literally only YG's fault she did not.

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