Since they only put 4 choices per category, please just look at this for fun ㅇㅇ

2022's Rookie Award - IVE
(300K votes)

4th girl group who will lead 2023 - NewJeans
(200K votes)

the group with the best stage presence - ITZY
(450K votes)

Rookie group with your favorite vocal - NMIXX
(220K votes)

2022 Song of the Year -  Blackpink Shut Down/Pink Venom
(490K votes)

Favorite 4th gen boy gril - Stray Kids
(480K votes)

Favorite 4th gen girl group - ITZY
(560K votes)

Favorite concept - Self-love
(470K votes)

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1. Oh I get their taste

2. None of there are my picks

3. They removed the drama one with Snowdropㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Just seeing how Snowdrop won the votes makes me really think that these are real foreign fans... that's why I f*cking hate how Jisoo was part of it... since she has so much influence. I'm even more upset because I agree with the other results..ㅋ

5. The results are exactly how I expected them to be

6. No but IVE is this year's rookie? They have so many hit songs that I thought they debuted last year

7. But isn't Snowdrop Jisoo's dark past? I feel like she's gonna act in more dramas in the future but I don't think that she has the skills for it

8. I like how the 4th gen girl groups evenly got #1 ◠‿◠

9. Isn't the Rookie Award going to NewJeans and the Daesang to IVE? If not, then Tomboy

10. Stray Kids❤❤

11. I can only name one member from Stray Kids but seems like they are really popular

12. When it comes to performances, it has to be ITZY

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