In the case of I Am Solo (IAS) cast members, a total of 1 million won is paid over the 5-6 days. In addition, if you go on a date on the show, you will have to bear the cost of the date you incur (t/n: 1M won =  ~700USD).
As for the Transit Love (TL), about 1 million won is paid per episode. Transit Romance 2 will be broadcast in 20 episodes.
Since the cast members of TL receive an appearance fee of 1 million won per episode, it can be said that about 20 episodes is about 20 million won per person (~14K USD).

IAS: Six men and six women, who desire to get married, are invited to Solo World, which is arranged on an enormous scale. The singles of "I am Solo," who are no celebrities, show off their charms to find their partner and date on this real dating program. An all-time romantic yet shocking love story, way more heart-fluttering than a melodrama that will provoke everyone's passion for love, will be revealed.

TL: Four pairs of ex-couples must live under one roof and decide whether to reunite with their ex or find new love. Exes living under one roof brings plenty of tension and emotional moments. Will they be able to overcome the past struggles and reunite, or will they move on and find new love?

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1. That's way too cheap 

2. This is way cheaper than I thought. I bet they're f*cking swearing inside

3. I feel like TL is more than just a dating show since they're also revealing all your past relationship habits too 

4. If IAS is paying only this much, it makes me wonder whether the people actually voluntarily join the show. I feel like all of them are acting all so genuine on it and I'm impressed every time I watch it 

5. I don't think people are joining IAS for the money, that's why they look more genuineㅋㅋㅋ I think they rather think that they can get a wedding while receiving 1M won on their wayㅋㅋ

6. Of course 20M won for a dating show is a lot, but if you look at the IG followers they'll gain and the sponsors money, it's a lot 

7. TL hit so daebak so it's understanableㅋㅋ

8. Wow TL is daebak...

9. Doesn't TL's participants also pay for their own dates?

10. I think TL's pay is fineㅋㅋㅋ

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