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 The labels of Kep1er's Kim Dayeon and Ciipher's Won have responded to their dating rumors.

As previously reported, an anonymous Twitter user reported Kim Dayeon and Won are allegedly dating and shared photos of alleged evidence of their relationship. Since then, media outlet Tenasia has claimed the two idols have been in a relationship for an unknown period of time as well.

CJ ENM stated on behalf of the Kep1er member, "It's difficult to give a response because it's a personal issue." Ciipher's label RAIN Company also said, "It's difficult to confirm details in terms of the dating rumors. We respect the personal privacy of our artists."
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1. Seriously, every time I see this, I think "what wrong have the fans commit?" I don't care if they are dating or not, but just don't get caught

2. They were making it obvious on their Bubble account. Do they know how much fans have been waiting just for them to share one Bubble and how happy they are when they share just one picture? Seriously, I'm shocked by their actions since they don't seem to know about this at all. At this point, Lovestagram is aegyo level

3. What kind of rookie idol goes into a public relationship?

4. What are these two doing?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are they throwing away everything for love?

5. I don't even know who they are

6. Just why are tehy making it obvious? Isn't Kep1er a survival group? She's an idol who went through all of this for that...

7. Isn't Kep1er a total rookie group? I don't know who that male idol is but he's 20 so he must be super young. Both of them have such strong guts

8. They are seriously immature..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ and they aren't solos but part of a group..

9. They literally just debuted...

10. Both of them are rookies with no recognition no..? Do they want to walk the flop-path?

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