This was before weight loss (2018 debut~ early 2020)

This is him after dieting (later half of 2020~now)



ATEEZ Jung Wooyoung 

He said that his dance lines are also getting sharper so he's been super satisfied!!
He's handsome before and after, but he gained an unique aura after weight loss



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1. He's handsome in both 

2. I was thinking about how he already looked skinny before, but I'm amazed to see he lost even more...

3. Wow... This is daebak.. He didn't even have any weight to lose but he lost 14 kg... Meanwhile I have so much weight to lose but what am I doing... Anyways, his jawline became no joke after he lost weihgtㅜ

4. Why do I see no difference?

5. He's f*cking handsome after

6. He kinda reminds me of BTS Jimin 

7. I feel like his face was better before but his body is better after, so it can't be helped

8. Wow I thought he looked totally fine before but the after is insane... That's why idols diet so intensely no matter if they're guys or girlsㅜ

9. Wow I thought that he'd look chubby because he had to lose 14 kg, but he doesn't even seem to need to lose any weight. Seriously idols are amazing 

10. I clicked without thinking much but I was shocked. His face aura totally got mature because he lost 14 kg, I feel like even his features have more synergy to each other 

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