And proofs. 
You have the lies, but I have the truth

(white: O [Alleged staff/member]
Yellow: X [Alleged CEO])

O: I couldn't open my data so I was only able to confirm it now. CEO nim we acknowledge our mistakes and recognize them.. 
We are reflecting and we regret it... 
Things like that won't happen again. 

X: No. You can't die (?) 
- The fact that you can't fix your lying [tendencies] is an incurable disease
- And you also lie as if you were telling the truth 
- That's the human class I hate the most

O: CEO nim I apologize... 
I know that whatever I say won't comfort you nor change anything, but I'm feeling so apologetic... 
I will reflect so that incidents like these won't happen again. 

X: No. 
- You're not human 

O: I will keep reflecting...

(S: not sure who they are)

S: Yes CEo nim... Find strength 
- But it must be really tough 

X: Despite that, I still think it was a good thing 
- Thanks to this opportunity, I'm clearly about to see what is black and white.

S: Yes..... 
- Seriously 
- You have thought through it so much and planned so much 

X: Those are just the processes to achieve [the goal] 
- I think we clearly had to go over this step as a process

S: Yes... You must be having a hard time, but find strength CEO nim 

(T: not sure who they are)

X: Please send me the room charges including the mini bar and the food from each room at the Line Hotel~

T: Ok got it
- [Files]
- There you go

X: Thank you~

Looks like the CEO thought that this proves her innocence. 

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1. ????The proof that she's a gaslighter????

2. Looks like she released this trying to make herself look like she was victim of all of this and that she's getting sworn at unfairly. What a comedy 

3. The fact that she's drunk in her character is so frustrating... The fact that she made a typo with '됬' and '됐' is even more frustrating 

4. Just what kind of life is she living?

5. Wow she released that herself????

6. How did she even become a CEO?.. 

7. She decided to reveal this herself?

8. Ajumma wake up 

9. At this rate, she's the one who needs to go to the hospital 

10. Aigo the members must be having a hard time ㅠ

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