Expected ranking of the Melon's yearly chart from 2022~now (songs that made it into the top 100)

Top 6~7: Big Bang - Still Life
Top 30: BTS - Dynamite
Top 33: BTS - Butter
Top 41: BTS - Permission To Dance
Top 58: BTS - My Universe
Top 61: BTS - Spring Day
Top 94: BTS - Boy With Luv

There are only 2 teams that are expected to make it in the top 100!
What's worse is that in the "songs released in 2022", there's only Big Bang's Still Life
Therefore, of all the boy groups' songs released in 2022, aside from that song, nobody made it to the top 100
If you looked them up, a lot of boy groups released good songs but the public trusts in skipping male idols' songs so the situation is just getting worse and worse

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1. πŸ”₯Seventeen's HotπŸ”₯ if they do well, they can make it to the top 100. Please enter the chart once

2. The issue isn't if the songs are easy to listen to or not. It's because they are male idols that the public doesn't listen to them and their popularity with the general public is lower. It has nothing to do with songs being easy to listen to or not. There are a bunch of female idols' songs that are hard to listen to but still ranking...

3. Bangtan has 6 songs here so it's freaking hilarious how people are mocking them because the songs they released this year aren't charting here.. If you're saying that Big Bang are a threat because of the one song they released this year, Bangtan are also a threat...

4. Bangtan are impressive

5. Weren't Bangtan the only team that made it to the yearly chart last year? So this year, it increased to 2 teams...

6. Thinking about it, I just don't listen to male idols' songs. Seems like everyone is the same

7. I don't really know male idols... and because I don't know them, I don't listen to them

8. I like male idols' noise music so much

9. Girls listen to both male idols and female idols' songs but guys usually never listen to male idols' songs

10. ❤️‍πŸ”₯Hot... hot.. hot...❤️‍πŸ”₯

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