- It was reported that "The younger generation born after the 2000s in China is crazy about elf ear surgery"

- Elf ear is an ear shape that was called a donkey ear in the past. When viewed from the front, the ear protrudes on the sides.
In the past, it was considered a deformity and had undergone correction surgery.

- Recently, they are called 'elf ears' and have been in the spotlight for the shape of the ears that make the face look smaller.

- On Chinese social network services such as Weibo, you can easily find articles about elf ear surgery reviews, articles praising elf ears, etc.

- One woman on Instagram praised the elf ear surgery, saying, "This is magic. I haven't changed my face, but my friends say my face is smaller and looks smarter."

- Another plastic surgeon has warned that elf ear procedures can cause side effects such as infection, scarring, ear asymmetry, and skin necrosis.

- Although elf ears are popular now, he predicted that there may come a day when patients will regret it later.

- Elf ear surgery is performed by inserting artificial cartilage or injecting hyaluronic acid, etc.

- China's plastic surgery market grew from 64.8 billion yuan (about 11 trillion won) in 2015 to 17 billion yuan (about 30.8 trillion won) in 2019.

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1. Huh?.... this is so interested. My ears have always been like the ones on the right but you can see them protrude too much from the front so I wished they were more pinned backㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. My hears are similar to the detached ones but aren't those known as 'monkey ears'? You're telling me that they make your ears look smaller now?ㅋㅋㅋ

3. Didn't Go Ara did surgery to pin her ears back before??

4. This is so interesting. In my eyes, their faces don't look smaller, I just see their ears more...

5. But physiognomist said that having your ears pinned back is better...

6. Beauty standards are so weird

7. But kids with those kind of ears were always called "monkeys" in elementary school

8. Must be easy to take their passport pictures

9. They make them look like monkeys so the befores were better..

10. Anyone can tell that this is just a trend so once the trend is gone, they're gonna regret

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