"Please praise the company you're working for

Is there anything good about the welfare package at your company??
For us Interpark developpers, we get to work 50% remote

- If you die while working, you go up 1 rank
> I want"

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1. Work at home and flexibility. They let you go home whenever we want as long as we work all the hours assigned to us in a month. These two things are the best

2. There's none......?

3. 5 hours work days. If you're not working, as long as you're at your desk, it's fine. I can game and watch Netflix

4. We have summer vacations. We get to leave work at 4 and we have individual offices..?

5. Noneㅡㅡ the more I go to work, the more I lose faith in humanity

6. Oh... uhm... oh.... uhm... oh... ....

7. Because there's so much work and they give us so little money, nobody applies so all the workers are tight and harmonious

8. Aside from the good salary, there's nothing positive

9. The food is good

10. You can work from home whenever you want and you don't even have to let people know. They don't care if you show up or not. You get 24 annual leaves as soon as you start working for them

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