This is the scores without judges score.
MAMA has always given out awards as they wanted in the past, but recently they switched the grading to give it based on results

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1. Let's go IVE

2. IVE Love Dive let's go 

3. Even looking at the overseas results digitally. BTS has the upper hand 

4. Let's go Bangtan, IVE, IVE

5. IVE winning 2 crowns would be insane ㄷㄷ

6. I hope that IVE, Bangtan and Idle all get it. It would be such a shame if Tomboy didn't get anythingㅠ

7. In terms of impression, it has to be IVE or Idle

8. In terms of results, I don't mind either IVE or Idle getting it 

9. Give it to IVE for Love Dive and BTS for their album 

10. They must give one to IVE

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