T/N: Oneus Ravn was embroiled in a controversy involving his alleged ex-girlfriend. According to the lengthy expose, she was r*ped while she was under the influence, cheated on and gaslit by him. He also allegedly threatened to stab her with a knife. Read more here

"Hello, this is RBW.

First, we would like to thank all fans for the attention they give to ONEUS, and we would like to notify you that we are currently checking on the facts regarding recent online posts related to member Ravn in a thorough manner. We promise to do our best to confirm all of the facts precisely.

Thank you."
CR: Allkpop

original post: here

1. What wrong has the company's worker commit.....

2. Can these people just have a normal relationship?

3. What kind of assault?

4. Just make him withdraw

5. Kick him out. Who will be his fan after this?

6. People are leaving work for the weekend... just what wrong have these employees commit?ㅠㅠ

7. These staffs will have it hard this weekend

8. The current idols' private lives are honestly... If you're gonna live like this, don't become an idol, f*ck

9. These guys even have a fansign today... it will be hard for the other members and the other members' fans

10. Why make these staffs work so hard on a weekendㅠㅠ pitiful

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