19 y.o - Wins a Daesang
20 y.o - Wins Billboard award, performs at the AMA
21 y.o - Youngest person to be awarded by National Order of Cultural Merit
22 y.o - Overseas stadium tour, performs at the Grammys
23 y.o - Ranks #1 on Billboard's Hot100, nomations at the Grammys
24 y.o - Wins the grand prize in U.S' award ceremony, nomations at the Grammys
25 y.o - Performs at the Qatar World Cup opening ceremony

11/20 11PM 
His first solo performance at the 60,000-capacity Khalifa International Stadium, it will be broadcast live worldwide. Please give it a lot of interest

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1. [+120, -3]
Seriously, his main-character-characteristics are way too strong... it feels like he maxed out on the male-lead specs

2. [+108, -1]
If a drama male lead had these specs, people would've cursed at him saying that it was too exaggeratedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ freaking awesome, seriously

3. [+91, 0]
The scale of his godly life is awesome

4. [+83, -1]
Nobody is claiming that the did all of this alone. OP is just saying that he realized all of this at that age and is asking people to anticipate his World Cup stage and that's it. Akgaes, stop foaming at your mouths and screw off

5. [+71, 0]
Seriously, I'm too proud of Jeon Jungkook

6. [+31, -1]
ㅎ I wonder how many people in this world get to live a life like his.....

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