Because they couldnt' sell 100K albums, their agency's CEO threw them away 
What kind of group is TripleS anyways

"Disbanded because they were unable to sell 100K..." group with BIBI's dongsaeng, delivers regrettable news"

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1. [+88, 0]
They are rookies so isn't 100K eba? Even idols from big companies cannot sell that much. Where does the confidence from that company comes to sell 100K?

2. [+74, 0]
They said that they were an unit that's part of a group so it's ok whehter they sell 100K albums or not

3. [+59, -1]
They are not disbanding the group but the unit

4. [+56, 0]
The 100K goal was just for the temporary unit. But their song went viral so they should be a little bit more flexible

5. [+27, 0]
They should just make a 4-members group... Nobody does big-membered groups anymore

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