BTS' V's 'Christmas Tree' was selected as the most popular Christmas song on Spotify, proving its global popularity.

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This was revealed by a British media and the fact that Mariah isn't #1 is also impressive 

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Maria Carey, Michael buble and Wham! are all legends with Christmas songs, meanwhile we're seeing V's Christmas Tree. And right below, there's also his self-composed Sweet Night too. Daebak 

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I guess it's because his song always makes it to Christmas playlists? But the song is actually good, you can listen to it starting now and it's good. I enjoyed the drama but his voice was so smooth that it's perfect for colder weathers. I hope this becomes a staple for Christmas songs 

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Looks like people all around the world have similar ears. The song is good so of course it'll go for the long run and keep receiving love

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OP's post needs a bit of explanation. The most popular Christmas song selected in the Spotify playlist announced by Edinburgh Live of Reach plc, Britain's largest news media group, was none other than V's 'Christmas Tree'.
‘Christmas Tree’, which was selected in 2172 Christmas song playlists, was followed by Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ and Michael Bublé’s ‘It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas’.

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