"Seriously I can understand why The Boyz Juyeon is their most popular member. 
His face is something, but that aside, 
when we started shooting, the other members started acting so rude/being b*tches. 
I thought that he was relatively kind compared to them but after today, I realized that he's just overly nice and puts up with them 
Compared to the other members, he seriously knows how to handle directions and he doesn't show his discontentment or his tiredness at all. "

1. This isn't a fan account or an egg account. It's a commoner's account that was created in 2018 already
2. We don't know what shoot they're talking about, but it's a shoot with The Boyz as a full group 
3. Aside from Juyeon, there's Younghoon, hyunjae, Sunwoo, Sangyeon, Jacob, Kevin, New, Q and Joo Haknyeon. They were criticizing all 9 of them 
4. After they released the post, Deobies started cyberbullying them and they turned their account private

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1. [+179, -42]
The Boyz really caught the star disease. I can feel the anger in the concerned party's tweet
2. [+164, -43]
Just how much of a b*tch they were that they swore at all of them aside from 1 personㅋㅋㅋㅋ Isn't this legendary?

3. [+149, -36]
I'm pretty sure this is true, if it was false, Deobies would've exposed them and mocked them already, but instead, they tried to quietly bury this down, seems like they're scared

4. [+137, -35]
It shows how Deobies better stay put down. Irene's fans cyber bullied the exposer and they were threatening to reveal the recording so it forced her to release a public apology 

5. [+102, -18]
The reason why this isn't shocking 
""You would think she was a porter" The Boyz, turning a female employee into a holder in overseas luxury store controvery"

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