Since Bangtan will start their military service

Stray kids, Seventeen and NCT Dream
I think that these three teams will have an intense battle for the physical Daesang

- Seventeen: no need to say anything, they've always been consistent
- Stray Kids - They sold 3 million albums recently (they are top 2 in history), their tour has been successful
- NCT Dream: SM gave them 3 comebacks this year and seeing how they even gave them the Genie Daesangs, I really think that it's worth anticipating their growth next year

It will be a shame for female idols but they bring in less money and their fandom and overseas popularity are lacking so I think they're always gonna be stuck. If they are lucky, they might throw them a physical Daesang

I'm sorry to female idols' fans but for companies and award ceremonies, even if you have hit songs and are popular with the general public, the reality is that they will always take more care of male idols because they bring in the money... I'm saying this in advance but it's better for you to just empty your minds now

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1. [+61, -3]
I'm sorry but it will either go to Im YW or a girl group so please stpo dreamingㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+34, -11]
This was written by an NCT Dream fanㅋㅋ NCT Dream barely have any fans overseas and they've been pushed aside by 127 so how are they gonna be pushed?

3. [+29, 0]
This is not NCT Dream's fans' opinion, don't feed the trolls, and also remove that Jeno picture f*ck

4. [+25, 0]
Don't feed the trolls

5. [+25,-2]
I can't even think of anyone who can be awarded so it's freaking funny how you're already wasting your saliva like thisㅋㅋ

6. [+24, 0]
Remove the Dream picture;;;

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