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1. [+51, -3]
Seems like Etude is letting go of their ultra-princessy image nowadays. It suits her pretty well

2. [+43, -3]
I was wondering how she would pull off the princessy vibe of Etude but they upgraded from the cute princess image to an elegant and intelligent princess... the overall image of the brand looks more luxurious now. Pretty ㅇㅇ

3. [+40, -2]
I thought that she wouldn't match it but she looks fine. I thought that Chaewon, Eunchae or Kura would fit the brand better but I somehow like this ballerina vibe

4. [+30, -3]
They somehow went from this princess-princess vibe to a luxurious vibe

5. [+26, -3]
Wow I saved this as a non-fan right away. What's up with her face?

6. [+19, 0]
A model's force is important... they suddenly look so luxurious

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