He kept dragging Jungwoo in during the Killing Voice so that he won't be too far from the mic

In their self-made contents, there was a situation where Jungwoo could use his wish and that's what he said
"Already, don't mind about anything anymore! Just (choose) what you want (energetic)"

Today, he suddenly did this at their Jakarta concert

I thought "why is he pushing him?" but turns out...

He pushed Jungwoo so he could appear on the LED screen with Doyoung

A proud hyung seeing that Jungwoo came out well on screen

Moon Taeil is seriously too warm

When fans are looking at him, this is how he looks at them

Moon Taeil jjang

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1. [+35, 0]
Taeil's personality is seriously sweet..

2. [+35, 0]
Taeil really helps Jungwoo a lot in a conspicuous way

3. [+25, 0]
There's this one too. When the kids talk without confidence or when they get shy, he would always say jongkingly "do it with confidence!" and try to make it comfortable for them to speak. After Jungwoo was added to 127, there was a situation like that during Idol Room. Jungwoo's turn was over and he said "you did well, this is confidence~" and he praised him with this kind of nuiance.. This is our oldest hyung

4. [+18, 0]
Moon Taeil is seriously cute... Kolsaz (?) my bias

5. [+17, 0]
Taeil said that Jungwoo has an innocenceㅜㅜ I think that he treats Jungwoo even better because he's warm and knows what kind of person Jungwoo really isㅜ

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