On her way to Cultwo
The controversial journalist picture where she didn't have her lenses

In the Cultwo radio show

Video thumbnail on the same day

Park So Hyun's radio show

Video thumbnail on the same day

1st grade of elementary school

6th grade

1st year of middle school

When she didn't have her lenses in their self-made contents

She did 2 radio shows on the same day without her lenses
And I'm leaving all the videos here
All her past pictures were revealed earlier
And don't you think that the (first journalist pictures) exaggerated her eyes because of the angle and the flashes?
There are still posts being made by Sojang, on community sites or on Insta claiming that that's what she looks like without her lenses
Is it just me or are they trying to purposely starting a smeer campaign against her?

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1. [+52, -1]
She was 2nd on the brand reputation ranking and right away, people were using that picture to hate on her so doesn't that already give you the answer? It's too obvious

2. [+47, 0]
I wish my eyes looked like that without circle lenses f*ck. They are making it seem like her natural eyes were so different that they deserved hateㅋㅋㅋ her bare face is also prettyㅋㅋ;;

3. [+44, -3]

4. [+39, -1]
In the pictures from the post, her makeup is seriously so light that her face looks close to her bare face. She's way prettier than those kids with thick makeup and full of surgery

5. [+31, 0]
It's true that it's a smeer campaignㅋㅋ

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