No but... he should manage his body a bit
Isn't he an idol?.. if his body doesn't look good, the stage might end up looking bad too
Seriously, why isn't he managing himself? I seriously don't understand

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1. [+100, -47]
You guys are serioulsy so generous towards male idols

2. [+81, -40]
... How is this a "waist issue"? Anyone can tell that he needs to lose weight

3. [+78, -49]
It's not easy to wear tight clothes and give off that fat feeling...

4. [+55, -18]
No but... even if he doesn't diet, he can still become like htis. Seriously, does he have any shame?

5. [+50, -4]
Isn't it just because he's big?... Because he has Western blood in him, his bone structure is just bigger..

6. [+37, -3]
Isn't that just his bone structure? Every time I see Huening Kai, I can tell that he has the Western bone structure so it feels like I'm looking at a foreign actor and I think that he looks f*cking cool. I didn't know that there'd be people calling this fatㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+30, -3]
Because of his Western genes, his bones are thicker. If you're just looking at his legs, they are freaking skinny. Stop showing your ignorance OP

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