Her body is f*cking good? Everyone call her straight-body-ni or choding-body-ni but seeing her fancam like this, her body looks freaking nice. What the? Her waist is freaking thin. I took this screencap at a random moment so I hid her face

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1. [+68, -18]
Her body has always been pretty. People just hate her for everythingㅋㅋ

2. [+55, -12]
She's not just skinny. With her frame, her proportions and her clothes-fit, imahine how good her body isㅋㅋㅋ her face looks unique too but her body is the type of trendy body that the fashion world is seeking nowadays. If a commoner wore this, they would look like some shot putter. Even in a skin-tight outfit like this, she doesn't lose. She has a slim-fit, feminine-fit and lose-fit, she can do it all. How do you think she became a model for Calvin Klein?

3. [+51, -23]
Just try hating on her. Hot guys like Kai, GD and V all like Jennie so

4. [+51, -12]
You honestly cannot hate on Jennie's body... her shoulders and waist are crazy

5. [+45, -7]
Freaking pretty

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