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1. Hul they are really doing it

2. Huh June? 
> Are they gonna invite non-HYBE artists??

3. Oh daebak, I was scared that Le Sserafim wouldn't attend the Weverse Conㅜ I think they can make it

4. It's in June but they are releasing the information jjang fast

5. Hul if they are inviting all other Weverse artists, I wonder who will attend

6. Then what are they doing on December 31st?

7. If it's Weverse artists, I wonder if my bias will go...

8. Are there are a lot of kids on Weverse?
? First of all, all of HYBE are on Weverse so just that alone will be a big scale

9. I think that they'll get a good lineup. I think that it would be fun if they used the same venues as Dream Concert too

10. Hul hul daebak daebak, they are inviting Weverse's artists, I like this so much

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