[instiz] MAMA 2022'S FINAL LINEUP


29 (Tue)
Host: Jun Somi

BIBI, DKZ, Forestella, Hyolyn, JO1, Kang Daniel, KARA, Kep1er, Leejung, Le Sserafim, NMIXX, Stray Kids, Street Man Fighter, TXT

30 (Wed)
Host: Park Bogum

3RACHA (Stray Kids), ENHYPEN, I-dle, INI, ITZY, IVE, Jaurim, Jung Jae Il, J-Hope, Im Young Woong, Monika, NewJeans, Niziu, Tempest, Tiger JK, Treasure, Zico

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1. Oh I like the lineup

2. What a shame ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. Looking forward to the 30th

4. I'll be watching both days. The lineup is crazy for both

5. It's a shame that they are separating them over 2 days. But I can understand why..

6. Did a lot of people watch SMF? I feel like they are only going because of Mnet
> Usually, Mnet's programs always have a performance at MAMA. Same for Dancing9

7. DKZ??? Wow daebak. Whether they get awarded or not, I would've never been able to imagine that they would even get invited there 1-2 years ago. But they seriously worked so hard... I hope they succeed

8. I must watch KARA

9. But why are they dividing this over 2 days?? Have they always done that?
> They've been doing that years ago... Not sure about the reason

10. IVE and NewJeans are both going

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