Ultimately, there's nothing too special to do on that day but the anticipation and excitement leading to that day is different from all other Holidays... Am I the only one like that? The carols and all other elements make me nostalgicㅜ

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I do anticipate it but when it's there, there's nothing special

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It's a standard at this point that you feel all excited a month prior but when the day comes, it just goes by like nothing special

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When I was young, I remember being very happy on Christmas so that's why the Holidays makes me giggle and I feel healing

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Ah for real... I really like its unique aura

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I think that I have memories of when I was young because of Christmas. I didn't really want anything special when I was young but there were a lot of Christmas lights in the streets. When I was young, I would make a Christmas tree in the living room with my oppa and mom. The moment I turned on the Christmas lights and cut the cake with my family, holding my mom's hand and watching the huge Christmas tree light sparkle, seeing my newborn cousin in the hospital, turning on the TV in the living room and talking about what kind of gifts will we be getting the next day.... But now that I'm an adult, I'm living alone so I barely see my family. My mom is sick and I fought with my ex on Christmas day. And I'm not sure if I'm the only one feeling like this but I feel like there's way less Christmas decorations in the streets compared to before but I don't really celebrate it anymore.

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