As long as you're skinny, wear your clothes well and have long hair, you can have a pretty aura right? Anyways, because of the masks, people don't even see your face

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1. [+116, -3]
Agree agree agree. To be honest, even the fact that there are more and more pretty people nowadays... I think that it's because more people are dolling themselves up. I haven't really seen anyone with just a pretty face aloneㅇㅇ I think that masks also play a big part in this

2. [+104, -4]
The buff that masks give people is big. But once they take off their masks... there aren't as many pretty people as I thought

3. [+85, -1]
Nowadays, the average visual is going up. I do find people pretty but once we start taking off our masks, we'll go back to beforeㅇㅇ

4. [+72, -2]
Agree. It's because their aura looks pretty. But if you looked at people's faces in detail, there aren't that many pretty kids

5. [+44, 0]
I think that everyone can be above average as long as they are skinny, wears their clothes nicely and wear a mask. The effect of wearing a mask is huge

6. [+25, -11]
Nono... ㅋㅋ they must have good proportions too. If you're short, you will never give off that kind of vibe. The tall and lean kids are the ones who have that special aura..

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