Q. What are your thoughts on Korean men?
A: They are warm
- They have good style!!

-They have a "clear-skin" image?
- Like a gentleman?
- Also, they have a warm side

- I feel like a lot of them have wide shoulders
- They are tall
- And handsome

- Who do you think of when people mention "Korean men"?
- Park Seojun
- Lee Dongwook

- Ji Changwook
- Lee Jongsuk
- Nam Joohyuk for me

- Kim Soohyun


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1. [+38, -5]
But in reality, they wouldn't pay for girls and would hit them. That's the reality of Korean menㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+37, 0]
Wow they said that the Korean way of doing makeup is becoming common among Japanese girls and I really cannot tell them apartㄷㄷ...

3. [+25, -2]
Why are Hannams always so obsessed with the "image of Korean men"? Just looking at videos on YouTube, there are countless videos of foreign girls being delusional over Korean men... These men are busy cursing at Korean girls and busy making Korean girls into trash while they want to get validation and want to have a good image? Not only do foreign women know the reality of Hannams, but are others' opinions so important to you when you call women of your own country "kimchi-nyeo" and hate women?

4. [+24, -3]
I met with my Japanese girlfrend and Japanese men are usually not that tall and don't have good physiques so even if you're ugly, but are tall, have a good physique and know a little Japanese, dating is way more comfortable over there than in Korea

5. [+14, 0]
If you aren't popular in Korea right now, it will be the same even if you went to Japan
"If you want to be popular in Japan,
Stop cursing at women

there are a lot of guys among Korean men who would come to me to curse at Korean women.

I stayed still but I honestly didn't feel good.

Do you feel refreshed to go to a Japanese woman to curse at the women of your country?

In the end, I said that Korean men were the most pitiful in the world.

It's not that they are pitiful because of Korean women
But from what I see, I think that their actions are the most pitiful.

If you're not popular in Korea right now, it will be the same even if you came to Japan"

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