Japan: Sakaguchi Kentaro
91'er, model, 183cm

Japan: Akaso Eiji
94'er, actor, 178cm

China: Song Weilong
99'er, model, 185cm 

China: Xiao Zhan
91'er, actor & model, 184cm

Korea: Cha Eunwoo
97'er, ASTRO member, 183cm

Korea: Seo Kangjoon 
93'er, actor, 183cm

I saw that by accident on IG and this is the ranking for Japan, China, Korea. But seeing it like that,  I realize that our country is the wall
Honestly for Chinese actors, although they're definitely not reaching Seo Kangjoon level, even Cha Eunwoo and V are enough

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1. [+378, -13]
I'm begging that foreigners won't see posts like that, this is freaking embarrassing..

2. [+311, -16]
... But only Cha Eunwoo and V look like that, and they're 2 people. The rest of the Korean men all don't look like that. If you're not a trainee or a popular idol member, commoners are just...

3. [+210, -32]
My taste is Japan 

4. [+170, -3]
But actually, every country will think that their own country has the most handsome menㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+151 ,-17]
Kentaro is f*cking handsome, insane... 

6. [+129, -18]
Do you think V is worthy to be there....? I don't know but to put him next to Cha Eunwoo is f*cking funny 

7. [+69, -0]
Kids, whether it's Korea, China or Japan, those are all the top 1%, the rest of all look like Hannams talking in Chinese and Chinese men talking in Japanese (t/n: what they mean is average looking men), there's no point trying to praise any of them.. 

8. [+60, -0]
If you're already gathering every country's most handsome men and asking people who you find the most handsome, at this point it will all come down to personal taste

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