Yesterday, my dad woke up at 6:30 and drove me to the entrance exam location. He even had a paper on his car saying that there was a test-taker on board. My dad even bragged about me to his friends saying that I was good at stydying. He also bought me a lot of chocolates. He was really looking forward to me getting accepted into an university. But I was so nervous that I vomitted and scored the lowest score in my whole life. I worked so hard that I can't even think of re-testing. I was crying and my dad said that I should prepare to write an essay and that I should just do this and went to sleep. But today, I woke up and my dad kept sighing and was on his way to work. But he asked me if I was really upset and suddenly broke into tears when calling me. He said that I worked so hard and that he felt bad for me... Seriously, how can I be so dumb? I had to do well so that our household won't be worried but.. what to do... I feel so bad for my mom and dad.. what should I do?

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1. [+82, -1]
Seems like your father was sad because he knows how hard OP workedㅠㅜ I really hope that you can get admitted through your essay, fighting!

2. [+65, -1]
No... it's because he knows how hard you worked that he cried...! He recognized how hard you worked so do your best on your essay!! Fighting

3. [+59, -3]
Your father felt sad for you, that's why... he wants to comfort you

4. [+42, -1]
Rest well and do your best on your essay and get admitted. You worked hard

5. [+25, -2]
Seriously, you worked so hard, both you and your parents. But seriously, it might seem to you that giong university is super important right now but with your will power, you can become anything you want. You are jjang impressive so straighten your shoulders!

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