[teens stories] SEOUL IS DISGUSTING

I want to go to a country that has a wide land and a relaxed way of thinking and a free mind

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1. [+103, -23]
Wow do the teens here know about this? I also think that people of our country are impatient and don't have a relaxed mentality because our land is so small and eveyone is just crushed together

2. [+73, -1]
It looks like a main board. Seoul just looks like a bigger version of a main board

3. [+62, 0]
The number of people in New York and the number of people in Seoul is similar, but New York is twice the size of Seoul. Seoul is f*cking squished together and there are a f*ck ton of apartments.

4. [+57, -12]
New York is like that too

5. [+54, -133]
Seriously, seeing it like this is indeed gross.. I want a bomb to exploded

6. [+46, -9]
Why does everything in our country look so outdated? Even the city, if it was a little prettier, it wouldn't look so gross

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