[teens stories] WOW F*CK, HAN SOHEE IS F*CKING PRETTY...


Seriously freaking pretty, honestly...

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1. [+43, -25]
Wow isn't she crazy... She's the one top beauty who cannot be replicated through plastic surgery

2. [+41, 0]
But why did she lose so much weight..

3. [+38, -5]
Honestly... She's in her legendary days right now... f*cking pretty

4. [+38, -35]
An acquaintance of mine works a lot of with celebrities and said that Han Sohee was f*cking kind

5. [+15, -8]
I think that if she gained more weight, she would look prettier... she lost too much weight

6. [+10, -13]
Why do girls like masculine-looking girls so much?

7. [+6, -2]
Freaking pretty

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