First of all, those are the nominees that were announced at the Indie Spirit Awards

Best Actor Awards, Best Actress Award -> Best Lead Performance
Best Male Support, Best Female Support -> Best Supporting Performance

Best lead performance: 
Cate Blanchett, TÁR
Dale Dickey, A Love Song
Mia Goth, Pearl
Regina Hall, Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul
Paul Mescal, Aftersun
Aubrey Plaza, Emily the Criminal
Jeremy Pope, The Inspection
Taylor Russell, Bones and All
Andrea Riseborough, To Leslie
Michelle Yeoh, Everything Everywhere All at Once

Best supporting performance: 

Jamie Lee Curtis, Everything Everywhere All at Once
Brian Tyree Henry, Causeway
Nina Hoss, TÁR
Brian d'Arcy James, The Cathedral
Ke Huy Quan, Everything Everywhere All at Once
Trevante Rhodes, Bruiser
Theo Rossi, Emily the Criminal
Mark Rylance, Bones and All
Jonathan Tucker, Palm Trees and Power Lines
Gabrielle Union, The Inspection

Breakthrough performance: 

Frankie Corio, Aftersun
Gracija Filipović, Murina
Stephanie Hsu, Everything Everywhere All at Once
Lily McInerny, Palm Trees and Power Lines
Daniel Zolghadri, Funny Pages

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1. I find it so so... It's not a market where we get to see a lot of female actresses

2. But male actors are way more popular and there are more movies with male leads, is this really fair?

3. I feel like distinguishing genders is actually better. There are more chance for you to win 

4. I've never considered separating genders as discrimination... I'm not saying this is bad, but I'm not seeing the benefit either

5. It's sucks that they're reducing the number of awards

6. This feels useless... Just give them separately 

7. But in the end, they'll still discriminate against womenㅋㅋ

8. Isn't this a foolish thing to do??

9. All they did was cut the awards in half... 

10. Huh? I think that this is such a good idea

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