"Lastly, ASTRO who has been promoting passionately ever since debut, what was your happiest moment?"
Rocky: The fact that we can make a song called 'S#1' in this album was the happiest moment to me

He mentioned the fact that he was able to write his own song and have it narrated by actress Park Boyeon was his highlight

+ To the people mentioning 'isn't everyone going to mention their solo work?' here is the interview with all the members

Jinjin: As a singer, as expected, I think of when I perform at concerts. And whenever we release new albums, I'm always excited. 

Rocky:  The fact that we can make a song called 'S#1' in this album was the happiest moment to me

Moonbin: When I debuted. I felt like coming out in the world when I got recruited as a member of ASTRO. It was the happiest moment 

Sanha: It's the debut no matter what, during the showcase. Meeting the fans for the first time was the happiest time 

Cha Eunwoo: The concert in June! I was able to do a concert after such a long time and meet with Aroha after such a long time made me flutter

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1. Just quit~~~

2. ㅋㅋㅋ Quit and go have your pretty love 

3. The other members all seem genuine which makes him stand out even moreㅋㅋㅋ I wouldn't know if he was more popular, but he's one of the least popular members so maybe that made him despise being an idol 

4. If I was a fan, I'd be crushed by this. I've heard about everyone's name in ASTRO at least once, but there's a reason why I feel like I'm hearing his name for the first time 

5. Can he just work a bit harder? Isn't this his job? What will he do to put food on the table in the future?

6. The members must've been dumbfounded when they heard his answer too 

7. Seriously he's so severe... 

8. The one who is the most irrelevant in ASTRO. This is even more dumbfounding 

9. Just withdraw...

10. At this rate, just screw off 

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