On the 15th, the fan association supporting the activities of the 6 EXO members, excluding Chen and Chanyeol, announced on Twitter, "All upcoming activities regarding 'Chen and Chanyeol's withdrawal' will be held offline."

"The first tribute will be at a group promotion including Chen and Chanyeol offline," "Details will be announced again when the schedule is set. We will be running this tribute offline as it will be the most efficient and certain way to relay our opinions," they added.

In May of last year, the coalition also carried out ad balloon advertisements and radio advertisements urging Chanyeol to leave the agency near the SM Entertainment office building.

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1. I still don't understand what's the reason behind their inability to leave? They can just go solo and be happy like that 

2. They will still have their leader, main vocal, main dancer, visual, rapper and stan attractor even if they left.. Please just leave

3. As another group's fan, I understand...

4. Did Chanyeol get married too????

5. Their demand was already reduced considerably because of the cheater and the baby's dad, there's noreason for them to stay 

6. Imagine getting a photocard of a cheater... Wow...

7. I can understand the fans so well, SM really doesn't seem to be able to manage anyone out despite their controversies 

8. Both need to leave

9. That's right, leave already... I don't even want to read any of their news

10. Screw off already, because of you guys, I can't bring myself to watch the self-made contents

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