We would like to express our deepest apologies for causing readers further concerns with a statement which failed to convey our full regret over the mistake which was made in an earlier post featuring a certain photoshoot.

'We at Cosmopolitan' admit that we planned, directed, and published a photoshoot which was reminiscent of illegal hidden camera crimes, crimes which continue to threaten the safety and wellbeing of women everywhere; we were engaged in this process from start to finish, and for this, we express endless embarrassment, acute regret, and immeasurable irresponsibility. 

As a magazine which has prided itself in the support of women's career advancements, body positivity, and female confidence and independence, we feel immense shame and regret, and we are truly reflecting on the gravity of this irreparable mistake.

We will endure any and all criticism and rebuke to the bone. To ensure that we do not make such a careless mistake again, we will assume a stern and serious position at every stage of content planning, direction, and publication.

Once again, as a magazine for females in this day and age when we are constantly in conversation with women who are living in this time, we bow our heads humbly out of regret and ask for forgiveness.

Their first apology 

We bow our heads deeply in apology to all those who may have felt discomfort from the earlier post. We admit that we failed to carefully consider a sensitive issue in our society, and we are sincerely reflecting on this mistake. We promise to be more careful and conscious in the production of our content from here on, as to ensure that such a mistake does not occur again. Once again, we sincerely apologize.

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1. Huh??? That's Cosmopolitan????

2. Now that they apologized, they should at least change. They really need to get organizational training fo stuff like that. You can tell at first glance tat these pictures are uncomfortable. Whoever gave it a pass is seriously the problem 

3. The fact that they call it a 'sensitive issue' was such a bad wording. They're literally criminals;; 

4. A molka concept in a women's magazineㅋㅋ please do better research on your customers

5. If this was on a mens magazine, they would've gotten backlash, so imagine in a womens magazine.. 

6. They called it a 'sensitive issue'ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. I'm so shocked that such a reputable womens magazine planned this thing out... They should wake up already 

8. Who's their CEO? And who gave the confirmation?

9. How can a womens magazine take this kind of pictures? I won't buy anything from them again 

10. This is quite an impressive mind. And the fact that it's coming from a womens magazine is even more shocking... And the fact that none of their employees side eyed this is weird..

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