Himchan, a former member of the idol group B.A.P, is again in court on charges of s*xual harassment. The first trial will start in December.

The Seoul Western District Court is scheduled to hold the first trial date on December 14 on the charges of forced s*xual assault by Himchan.

Earlier, on the 25th, the Seoul Western District Prosecutor's Office indicted Himchan without detention on charges of s*xual harassment. According to the prosecution, Himchan is accused of forcibly m*lesting two women at a bar in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on April 17. The victims claimed that Himchan wrapped his arms around her waist and touched her chest, and one of them is said to be a foreigner.

Himchan's trial is likely to increase public outrage in that it is a completely different case from the previous allegations of s*xual assault.

Himchan was accused of forcibly molesting a woman in her 20s who visited a pension in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province in July 2018. The court did not arrest Himchan in February 2021 during the first trial, saying, "We will give him the opportunity to make effort to receive forgiveness from the victim," along with an order of 10 months in prison and 40 hours of a s*xual violence treatment program.

At that time, Himchan denied the allegations and submitted an appeal, saying that they had “feelings for each other and had implicit consent”, but eventually admitted to the charge of forced m*lestation in the second trial.

At the trial, Himchan said, "I admit all of the charges." Himchan announced that he had changed his position of denial. When the court asked again, "Are you revoking the part of your previous claim of innocence and acknowledging [the charges]?", he answered "yes". Himchan also submitted a statement of reflection through his lawyer. Himchan said it would take him 2 months for the deposition to happen.


This trial is still ongoing. A hearing is scheduled for the 15th.

Himchan was also accused of driving under the influence of alcohol on October 26, last year, while driving drunk near Hakdong Intersection in Gangnam, Seoul, he collided with a guardrail. At the time, his blood alcohol level was said to be at the level of his license revoked.

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1. Yah he's just so consistent 

2. ???????

3. I'm more shocked that he denied it at first

4. This guy is just lgendary..

5. I pity the other members. They've parted ways for how long already? But he's still dragging the group's name through the mud 

6. No but just why is he doing this?

7. Mess

8. Seriously this guy wow. I'm more shocked he was able to be an idol with that personality 

9. This is a disease at this point 

10. That's a disease. S*x offenders seriously can't stop at one offense. Why do we always release them?

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