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1. I like this so much

2. Lily's voice fits the song perefctly

3. The song is freaking goodㅠ

4. Wow it's already Christmas

5. Oh the song is too good. All of them are so pretty

6. Wow seriously, this was the best NMIXX song yet... Their previous songs were so messy but at least they had good vocals so I enjoyed listening to their covers. But this song is really so good

7. It was good in such a simple way that I'm surprised..ㄷㄷ freaking good, seriously

8. Wow freaking good. This has been the best JYP song so far;;; isn't it crazy? Please release it digitally asap~~!~!~~!

9. Lily's voice color is too goodㅠㅠ the song is good!

10. Wow the song is good... Lily's voice is indeed awesome

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